We have the necessary equipment to perform the collection and disposal of your metalic waste.

  • Trailers
  • Tumbling Trucks
  • Roll-off systems
  • Platforms
  • Containers
  • Trascavos
  • Poligrapas cranes
  • Trucks PickUp

Container Service

We manufacture our own containers according to the needs of our customers

Our Installations

Grupo Resilasa has different process areas that are equipped with the appropriate machinery to process materials and waste with a high quality. RESILASA is formed with a sophisticated and modern equipment that makes the recycling process easier and at the same time efficient.

In our facilities we receive all the material from suppliers where are classified, then are processed and sent to our customers. We have modern scales as well as 2 patios  (5,000 y 20,000 mts2) and several branch offices.

We offer quality and warmth service to suit your requirements


Fundidores #380
Parque Industrial Oriente


Calle 49 #199 Sur
Fracc. Los Angeles
Tels. 720.32.42 y 720.16.32


Raul López Sanchez Km. 9.5
Col. El Roble I
Tels. 747.11.47


Calle Química #385
(entre Muebles y Transformación)
Parque Industrial Oriente