To be the leading organization in the national market of ferrous and non-ferrous recyclable supplies, thus contributing to the care of the environment.


Our objective in Grupo Resilasa is providing the services of collection, transport, processing and Final destination of ferrous and non-ferrous industrial waste, committed to the quality and timeliness demanded by our clients and suppliers, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations in each case.

The quality and competitiveness of their products, operations and mainly its workers do every day to RESILASA a realiable and transparent organization in the performance of its services.

The quality and competitiveness of its products,operations and mainly its workers,make

every day RESILASA a reliable and transparent organization in the performance of its services.


Grupo RESILASA carries out its operations in the treatment of ferrous, non-ferrous materials, of special and dangerous handling, complying with the current regulations related to the protection of the environment.


We are a transparent organization in its operational and administrative processes.

Our people work with personal integrity to perform its functions.

Environmental policy

We are an organization that is faithful to the care of the interests of our customers, suppliers and partners.

We are committed to compliance with any policy or standard in terms of quality, competitiveness, management and environment.

We offer quality and warmth service to suit your requirements


Fundidores #380
Parque Industrial Oriente


Calle 49 #199 Sur
Fracc. Los Angeles
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Raul López Sanchez Km. 9.5
Col. El Roble I
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Calle Química #385
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